Can an Online Piano Course Really Teach You How to Improvise, Compose and Play from Fake Books?

Have you always wanted to learn to play piano? Or maybe you took lessons as a child but quit and have regretted that decision. You might even still be playing, but want to learn even more. If any of these apply to you, keep reading...

Even after years of lessons, I could only play if I had sheet music in front of me.

Growing up, all my friends knew I could play piano so every time we were some place with a piano, they wanted me to play.

Only problem was, I couldn't play anything without music in front of me. I remember always trying to come up with a way to avoid having to play (without admitting I couldn't play anything without music).

Maybe you've felt that way at some point.

Back when I learned to play, I was only taught to play from written music. I never even memorized music unless it was for the yearly recital. That wasn't my teacher's fault, it's only in recent years that teaching students to improvise has become important again.

I knew there were people who could improvise and compose, but I believed they had special musical talents and gifts that I wasn't blessed with.

Everyone can learn to play piano, at any age, and that includes improvising!

The ability to play piano is a wonderful skill to have. There are many benefits to playing, including stress reduction, better memory, and increased creativity. Piano is also a source of entertainment and can help increase self-esteem.

As a piano teacher, I often hear adults speak with regret that they never stuck with piano or never had the chance to learn to play in the first place.

But it's never too late!

Sometimes I wonder if more people would continue to play piano if they learned how to sit down and just play – I'm talking about improvising and even composing their own music.

Too often, adults give up on their musical dreams. They feel they don't have the time, the money or maybe the abilities needed to play. Even if they took lessons as children they think it is too late to go back and learn (or re-learn).

It doesn't have to be that way!

  • Music Mentor Jerald Simon has released a new online piano course that has something for everyone. His Essential Piano Exercises Course was created for both traditional and non-traditional piano players. Every exercise is written out and you will have the PDF sheet music to follow along with.

    In addition to the sheet music, video lessons demonstrate exactly what Jerald is playing on the piano and how he is playing it. Simply watch the video and see the overhead shot of his hands on the piano keys. With each exercise or song Jerald teaches, he counts out the rhythm for you, tells you the key signature, teaches you the names of the intervals, scales, chords, etc. as he plays the music and walks you through how to do exactly what you see him do in the videos. 

    Each video lesson generally runs between 10 – 20 minutes presenting material in bite-sized chunks even the busiest person can fit into their schedule.

    And because the course is online, you can learn how to play the piano at your convenience and from the comfort of your own home. 

    Essential Piano Exercises literally has something for everyone.

  •  Do you need a review of the basics? It's in there.

  •  Do you need to brush up on your scales and chords? It's in there.

  •  Are you interested in learning more about music theory? It's in there AND you will learn how to apply the theory to your own playing.

  •  Have you always wanted to learn how to improvise and compose music? It's in there.

  •  Do you want to learn more about left hand patterns and using Fake Books? It's in there.

  • Once inside the course, you will also have the opportunity to join a private a Facebook group where you can share videos of what you are learning and ask questions. On top of all that, Jerald does at least one Facebook Live each week where he teaches on a variety of topics and students attending the Live can interact and ask questions.

    For those who would like to supplement everything found in the Essential Piano Exercises Course, a separate course, the Cool Songs Series is also available for purchase. In this series, students will find a wide array of original compositions written and taught by Jerald. If one went through the whole series from start to finish, that would be over 4 years of music to learn and play!

    Haven't you waited long enough to begin or extend you piano learning? Just click on the green link below to get started with the Essential Piano Exercises Course and get ready for your playing to go to a whole new level!